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I have been thinking about this for a few days and I ran it by starkers and he feels the same as me that it would be a great way to honor such a great friend and Skinner, OK so here's  my thought, I have been thinking of HG and I thought it would be nice to honor him with a wallpaper and make it so that its a complete set with wallpaper, window blind, and Icons, etc  and what ever all you other Skinner's out there that has the skinning bug what do you all think, is it a bad idea? This is what I had been working on I tried to include him being a marine, and love of pizza as you can see i have used 3 different fractals , i'm sure i didn't use the right word but i had a blank blond moment , that's  my story , plus i haven't been too sleep yet. so if this pic didn't work pm me and ill email it too you

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ok i know i been away , butttttttt, how does one upload pictures on here [e digicons]:rolleyes:[/e]   i know im blond bimbo, but hey give a chick a break lol [e digicons]:blush:[/e]   i tried using photobucket but didnt seem to work so now im lost [e digicons]XD[/e]  [e digicons]:rofl:[/e]  [e digicons]:thumbsup:[/e]   thanks in advance

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Many of you may remember my sister Joan, she has been ill for a long time , it is with a sad  heart  that I tell you all that she has passed away on Tuesday night  after a long illness .  this is the copy of the family notice .... my sweet sister well be greatly missed , I still can't believe she has gone . WELSH, Joan Elizabeth (nee Clarke).

Passed away peacefully at The Gardens Nursing Home, Claremont Hobart Tasmania Australia  on July 25, 2017.

Dearly beloved wife of Ian for 49 years. Much loved mum of Leigh, Guy, Louise, Dale and Donna. Loving nan of Markus, Angus and Peter.

So dearly loved by all who knew her.

Special thanks to the staff at The Gardens for their care of Joan.

You will be sadly missed and always in our hearts.

We will watch for

your bright star above us.

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up, up and away with jetstar, thursday afternoon ill be in the air to come to TASSIE!! WOOOHOOO for 4 weeks of holiday and fun with catching up with family and friends, and to meet my newest granddaughter Abatha_Jane  Indianna Williams she will be 1 week old on wednesday..... Please make welcome Abatha_Jane Indianna Williams to the world  she weighed 5lb 13oz , I am so excited to meet her and cant wait to have cuddles .


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As the title says I will be glad when this year is over, evrything that could go wrong has gone wrong, firstly  we lost Stephens mum (mom) on 2nd January 2016, then 2 of Stephen's brothers were in Hospital , then in may this year the  16th May Stephen ended up in Hospital for about 2 and a half months with a broken ankle then I eneded up in Hospital  with heart problems , and now my Uncle Danny passed away of a massive heart attack  he died at home he had only just stepped out of the shower and the family ran to see what had happend and Gary the youngest son started CPR  Uncle Danny turned to gary and Auntie Pat and said"I lOVE " and that was it Uncle Danny died , we had his funeral on Friday and it was a lovely service the thing is I only found out  a year ago we were related  and over that time we grew extreamly close , altho I felt out of place at the funeral I knew I had to be there for Auntie Pat and Gary .  I had massive lumps in my throat and no matter what I did I could not get them to go away [e digicons]X([/e] , Not to mention the ups and downs with Bianca  by the way shes pregnant AGAIN   [e digicons]:rolleyes:[/e] I should be happy but  shes pregnant to a guy that is a Pedophile which makes it a bit hard to be happy about , but thankfully she aint with him now  which is great news . so lets hope what is left of this year is a bit better, and even a BETTER YEAR NEXT YEAR . I hope so anyway  [e digicons]<3[/e]


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I think this says it all,  Happy Birthday Doc, sending you much love and cyber hugs on this your special day. I know I maybe early  but its 9.51 pm Friday night here  so already its your Birthday lol [e digicons]:D[/e]






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I had a Heart Attack

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well after having the Myocardial Perfusion Scan on the `19th July 2016, I was curious as to what the report said so I opened up the folder and it had the report in it so I took a sticky beak as you do lol , not that it made any sense to me so I sought out some info for myself , so I asked my bonza mate Doc and he explained it all too me at great length..... I went to the Dr's today and I was told I had a heart attack I sat there with a stunned look on my face and he said when did you have the Heart attack I goes I didn't know I had a heart attack, and I quickly turned around and said don't you need a heart to have a heart attack [e digicons]:grin:[/e] , so now I have joined the Heart attack club lol, I know its serious and I need to take it seriously but hey least I am trying too keep myself  amused with out feeling sorry for myself. [e digicons]:inlove:[/e]

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Doc you was right , well I guess I wont be having any more myocardial perfusion scans if this is what it does to you, that  radiation  turns you green  I am done lol [e digicons]:grin:[/e] Nah seriously tho I had to have a scan to see if I have a heart or any problem with it as I was getting pains in the chest  so now I am waiting on the results  of that .fingers crossed its nothing [e digicons]:grin:[/e]


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Well after 6 weeks in Hospital Stephen is finally home, He was discharged today 7th July and I am so happy he is home  I have missed him so much, even our 2 dogs and 3 puppy's missed him. As you may remember Stephen broke his ankle on the 16th may 2016  he has spent all this time in hospital as he had  no coordination or confidence  in using crutches so he was sent to a country hospital where they helped in his recovery and to gain some confidence and coordination to use them . the main thing they were thinking of was his safety and the ability to use them . we also needed to get the landlord's permission to put a rail  at the front steps so that he could get up them much easier, well now he has the cast off and has a moon boot  he is getting around much better the thing with the moon boot is that he don't need to wear it all the time like around the house , unless we go out then yes he will have too wear it then still along  way to go but at least he is home again... Oh how I have missed him so much, since he has been home I have given him a much needed hair cut lol

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Muhammad Ali passed away , such a sad loss he has been ill for so long, a great boxer , widely hailed as the greatest heavyweight boxer in the sport’s history, died Friday night.

The former professional boxer, generally considered as the best heavyweight of all time, succumbed to a 32-year battle with Parkinson's disease after being hospitalised with respiratory problems.

Family spokesman Bob Gunnell has released a statement announcing the death of the three-time heavyweight champion boxer today.

The funeral will take place in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

"The Ali family would like to thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers, and support and asks for privacy at this time," the statement said.

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